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  • Cats


    I won’t formally rate this since I skipped the middle 45 mins to make dinner (smoked mozzarella sausage pasta, in case you were interested). My 6-year old daughter has been begging to see this since the trailers arrived in the Before Time, but my wife and I refused to subject ourselves to what looked like genuine Abu Ghraib-level torture. We both dislike musicals in general, but this one looked particularly corny in that way only musical theater can be. And…

  • Strasbourg 1518

    Strasbourg 1518


    Immediately sinister, with the grim lighting of a dark-clad figure in a corner, a camera angle that places it slightly to the left, and voices you can't quite make out that transform into laughter. Then it gets brighter, and turns into something more energetic and more difficult to pin down. Clearly, repetition within confinement is the dominant theme here, and the rhythmic ending makes that felt well enough, but the middle of this is a bit soggy, and the male performers/settings aren't as visually interesting.

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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    Let’s get the good out of the way first. Between the Key and Peele duo, Jordan always seemed to be the more cerebral and deliberate (and talented) half, and much of the first half of GET OUT delivers on his promise. The pre-title sequence is among the best staged horror I’ve seen post-SCREAM. The camerawork on display, with his ability to deploy intricate tracking shots and extreme closeups, is pretty rare for a feature debut and reminiscent of Shyamalan’s poise.…

  • Force Majeure

    Force Majeure


    This film explores the primal instincts of men vs women a la Loktev's THE LONELIEST PLANET from 2012. Where that film was vague and essentially binary in it's progression (before event vs. after event), FORCE MAJEURE is explicit in its thematic notions and plays with them in several different scenarios throughout the runtime. Quite hilarious and contemplative. That scene at the ski lounge with the two male characters getting approached by women is gold. Also laughed my ass off at the dad's sobbing outburst near the end.