Tenet ★★★★

christopher nolan has a knack for narratively complex films, aka a time fetish, the man fears linear story telling, and i have to respect that, his ideas are ambitious to say the least.... and he certainly executes them well, we have to give him credit for that, the man can direct, his films look visually stunning, they're well done films that's for sure, the score stands out as well, but ill give you one thing when it comes to this mans work: its an aquired taste, i totally get how his plotting and progression can be a bit too much for people and i dont mean that people don't understand it, that's just corny to say, you didn't like it coz you don't get it, no, you just have to realize not everyone will find this man's butchered timelines to be interesting to follow and that's totally alright, but for my money, tenet is a great goddamn film but the plot is greatly flawed and lacks emotional depth.... still worth the watch

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