• Black Widow

    Black Widow


    florence pugh

  • Tenet



    christopher nolan has a knack for narratively complex films, aka a time fetish, the man fears linear story telling, and i have to respect that, his ideas are ambitious to say the least.... and he certainly executes them well, we have to give him credit for that, the man can direct, his films look visually stunning, they're well done films that's for sure, the score stands out as well, but ill give you one thing when it comes to this…

  • Moonlight



    another victory.

  • Wolf Creek

    Wolf Creek


    i, uh, didn't really take this movie seriously, but the first hour is such a tight and well composed introduction to the characters, the whole film is so expertly shot and dicrected, and acted, the main protagonist takes the cake of course, well done film, loved it

  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon


    "kiss me man."
    "kiss me."
    "when i'm bein' fucked, i like to be kissed a lot."

  • The Cabin in the Woods

    The Cabin in the Woods


    such a creative and well written film, blew me off, kinda lost it's momentum by the end but at this point i'm used to this happening in horror films, but everything up to before the last 15 minutes or so was so good that i'm not gonna even complain, very good indeed

  • Enola Holmes

    Enola Holmes


    very good movie, saw it with a male friend who kept shitting on feminism, women, millie bobby brown, so just to see him lose his shit at the mere existence of this movie was fun, made me realize how good it is.

  • Rush Hour 3

    Rush Hour 3

    tw// homophobia
    when are comedy writers gonna grow the fuck up and realize a man finding out a woman might be a man and acting disgusted at the thought as if it's the most repulsive thing on earth is not funny? nope. big nope. bad.
    that's strike ONE and TWO.

  • Lucy



    sadly i haven't seen a film in quite a while and this is my official come back..
    one good thing going for it is choi min-sik, yet it managed to crash and born, very amusing to witness.
    saw it with a couple of friends and i gotta say it is entertaining, that ill give it.

  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums


    wes anderson exercises and exhibits his style, proving once and for all his prowess as an auteur, delivering something extraordinary in the process, truly

  • Liz and the Blue Bird

    Liz and the Blue Bird



  • City of God

    City of God


    Can't get over how well the visual style complements the substance of this film. I just can't.