Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½


A seismic spectacle of dizzying proportions - one that effortlessly transcends the definition of animation, yet simultaneously represents everything I love about the medium. Into The Spider-Verse not only maximizes the potential of Spidey’s deep roster of stylized do-gooders and mechanized menaces, it gives fans a story worthy of the character’s illustrious history. An origin story to end all origin stories (yeah, who am I kidding), the story of Miles Morales easily surpasses that of any live-action adaptation put to screen. 

Self-referential and intentionally obtuse in the same way The Lego Batman Movie is - but like, better - Spider-Verse whisks you along its inter-dimensional epic at breakneck pace, and has no problem slowing it down to let your mind catch up and your eyes get watery. There’s a living, beating heart to this thing - something I haven’t felt from an MCU entry for a while now. There’s nothing like an occasional outlier to reaffirm your faith in a particular genre; much like Mission: Impossible - Fallout did earlier this year and Fury Road before it, Spider-Verse offers a cinematic ultimatum for its lesser contemporaries: “Hey assholes, this is how it should be done.”