Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★½

There's a lot of things Don’t Look Up wants to be, and even though it hits on some aspects, it ultimately doesn't reach a full potential in any of them.

I think my main issue with this movie was its all over the place tone and I find it really hard to understand it. The tonal shift is sometimes jarring, having some funny yet somewhat awkward jokes on one scene, only to be abruptly cut to another that's supposed to be serious with a literal impending doom. This happens quite a lot throughout the film, going back and forth between jokes and drama way too fast, and in part I blame the fast paced editing and cuts that never really focus on any of the core elements that are being presented on screen. The film never commits to the scene and feels like it wants to move on before the characters are done talking.

The film also beats you up with social media and materialism jokes over and over. Not only that, it makes sure that is the message it's trying to convey and it gets tiresome. It's bad enough to see the distraction of social media and how important that is for most people in real life, let alone a 2:30 hour movie. When someone is trying to educate people with interesting science and facts and everyone is worried about their celebrity crush or planning their next tick tock can be triggering to see. It can be specially ironic when everything around us is literal science but very few are actually aware of it. So I get what the film is trying to say. I just don't find it interesting when it's not very subtle, specially for a movie this long.

But the last hour or so, it starts to get progressively better, taking more focus on the real and much more interesting themes. The stellar cast also helps alleviate the negative aspects of the film, making it a lot more enjoyable than it should. Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio are absolutely great here, and the rest of the cast also do their job quite well.

Overall, Don’t Look Up it's not something that appeals to me with its jokes and criticism of social media, materialism and politics. The other aspect of the film is a lot more interesting, but unfortunately, it doesn't commit enough. Plus there are more movies that tell this story a lot better and in a more compelling way.

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