Joker ★½

what am i supposed to do? feel bad for joker? u serious?
my head really hurts because i‘m trying to put my thoughts into order idk what this will evolve into so good luck reading this.
so look, this film isn‘t the worst thing ever since it has good aspects. it definitely is beautiful to look at with stunning cinematography, a very appropriate score and a good leading performance. (very overrated tho. these people have never seen joaquin in a movie huh)
this movie does not know what it is. there are some scenes that have some great thriller elements that end with some dumb jokes that rly ruin it for me. ofc it makes sense if you interpret it as joker being a comedian and blablabla, but i personally didn‘t enjoy that at all. maybe its personal preference, maybe its them wanting to make the joker a complex character and then having him end up as...a mess. it felt like his whole development was forced.
take a mentally ill character and make them the most terrible person ever. make them a leader of some very aggressive people too ha. 
this movie tried REALLY hard to be deep. if you have a point then put some effort into getting that right. this movie doesn‘t seem thought through at all. make it look edgy get a good actor to act 'crazy‘ and there you go. people are gonna love it. so deep.

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