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  • Karmooz war

    Karmooz war

    made it 30 minutes in. *terrible* emotionless dubbing, deadly slow pace, and literally one scene of Atkins in half an hour. couldn’t imagine another 80 minutes of this. maybe I’ll try to finish one day, but this is the most just-a-check-ass movie I’ve seen Atkins in.

  • Close Range

    Close Range


    a Mexican cartel kidnaps Scott Adkins's niece. WHOOPS, lmao. so lean that it actually feels a bit padded to get to 85 minutes, but the action here absolutely riiiiiiips. better action than 98% of action movies this decade.

    everything in this movie is an excuse to get Adkins in a room with guys he can murder. which means everything is perfect the way it is.

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  • Passengers



    In this theater, no one could hear me scream.

  • Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch


    In case you were wondering, this is still one the ugliest, most brainless, most unpleasant, and most fucking terrible movies made in your lifetime.