No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

- action: very fun.
- emotional stuff: doesn't really work.
- Rami Malek: stinks.
- Ana de Armas: rules.
- the decision to use Ana de Armas for one sequence and have her never return: STINKS.
- Lashana Lynch: given the absolute bare minimum to do.
- Billy Magnussen: hated at first, then was sad we didn't get more of him.
- hammy scientist: low-key rules.
- Tanner: sides god.
- evil plan: couldn't explain it to you if I tried.
- chemistry between Craig and Seydoux: meh.
- chemistry between Craig and Eva Green's grave: yep.
- choice to give Bond a child: ugh.
- choice to have Malek kidnap the child: okay...
- choice to have Malek randomly decide to let the kid go: ugggggh.
- indoor lake filled with nanobots: *throws hands up*
- first act: righteous
- second act: good til Malek is back in the mix.
- third act: so buckshot that it feels dramatically altered in post or rewritten as it was shooting.
- emotional ending: unearned.
- actual ending: Great Britain starts World War III, I guess.

still need to rewatch Spectre, but this feels like it might be the worst of the Craig Bonds. at the very least, Malek is definitely the worst Bond villain in some time, and the need to keep tying everything to previous movies really hamstrings the franchise. loved the Craig entries on the whole, but happy to be moving on.

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