The Night House

The Night House ★★★★

Watched At : Cineworld

Seems everyone has their little secrets and grieving through the loss of her husband 'Beth' (Rebecca Hall) starts to find things may not be all what they seem with her husband.
As she slowly uncovers the truths of what's been going on.
I will not spoil the rest it's better you went in fresh, cause I think the film benefits from that. But Hall finally gets a chance to shine here and she takes it with both hands. The range of emotions she goes through you can feel that and makes some scenes hit harder.
I was fully invested as she tries to piece together what he'd been upto and how far down the rabbit hole she's willing to go.
Sprinkled in with some Horror elements this plays out more as a Physiological/Thriller, there's a few jump scares but there few and far between.
The ending loses it's way in the last 15 mins, and gets a tad confusing but that won't detract through my rating.

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