Eternity and a Day ★★★★½

The smoothly conducted slow camera moves reveal a master at work. This is how you direct in full command of your medium. The mystical elegiac shifts between memory, imagination and ailing reality are achieved so poetically, gliding as if a breeze upon resurfacing climes. Time, place and language condensed tidally down into clutched personal totem. Seaward horizons engaging endless liminal soul-searching retrospection. The music, pageantry, youthfulness and instability of life marching on. A woman living in memory. A non-boy adrift to the shadows but reflected in plain sight. A public figure of private failure and terminal decay. A besieged country losing sense of what once made it magnificent. Life's walking shadow reckoning with the final, finest and faltered syllables of its recorded time. Ganz almost appears beyond eating, seeking sustenance from the sweetness of what can be found in the soul and what yet remains of life, learning to cherish and trust in the simplicity of the moment and revitalise through outsider input just as bodily comfort's desertion confronts his complacent relationship with finite breath.

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