Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★

Holy Motors ushers in the 21st century of film.

Normally, if the most recognisable cast members are Eva Mendez & Kylie Minogue, you are in store for something sheeeeit! But this is really the Carax/Lavant show. Apparently they have worked together for a while too.
Holy Motors encompasses everything, but is also widely open to intrepretation. It's a film I really need to see again down the track. The imagery at times is achingly beautiful, particularly when Lavant is lying with his head in Mendez's lap, as well as the motion capture sequence and the numerous driving scenes. Holy Motors is as cinematic as it gets, a real delight for the senses.
However, in saying all this, it's not a film I can love. I respect its boldness, but ultimately the story was a little thin for me. While this film is leagues better than another 2012 limo film in Cosmopolis, they share a common sense of pretention and a lack of reality outside the limo. So, while I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, and this film deserves to be a common staple in year-end 2012 lists, as a sum of its parts this is not a film I can emotionally connect with.

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