Satantango ★★★★½

Twice in three days, I couldn't resist. An entrancing, encompassing, largely successful masterwork.

The Weinstein Cut trailer

"The Turks are coming! The Turks are coming!"
"There is nothing to fear about freedom...order, on the other hand, can often be frightening"

"Once upon a time beyond the fall of communism, a once thriving community has fallen into despair and temptation. Following tragedy, a saviour arrives to lead them into paradise.

This community includes a neglected little girl who believes in money trees and never goes anywhere without her cat. A crippled man who dreams of a foot spa, and work in chocolate factories and girl dorms. A doctor diarist who spies on his conspiring neighbours and investigates a mysterious bell toll. A wife who cheats on her abusive husband and flies free as a bird in her dreams. An old friend with grand designs for both collective and country.

When rumours spread of a resurrection approaching the town, the gang all get together from miles wide for a half hour of festive dancing. Not even torrents of autumn rain can dampen their boundless walking adventures to charming towns, manors, chapels and ruins.

This xmas, come together and behold as European master Bela Tarr transports you to a world bursting with horses, owls, cats, dogs, cows, pigs, spiders, dirty, sexy, money, and plenty tango, tango, tango".

*rat poison, gunpowder and groping may be included

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