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(parallels in Gia & Carol.)

movies that are: 1. period dramas with a brunette and blonde's relationship evolving over a period of time, 2. titles are of one of the women in the couple. 3. both of the movies were based off real stories and people. 4. have a scenes where the brunette calls the blonde, 5. the brunette is the younger of the two, 6. they take a drive together, 7. the blonde was previously in a committed relationship with man. 8. the sex scene isn't raunchy in nature -- instead obvious that they have feelings and chemistry together& are gentle with each other 9. a family member of one of them is homophobic. 10. the blonde says 'fuck' 11. hardships and obstacles to overcome which ultimately ends in one leaving the other. 12. the brunette is a writer. 13. one of them gets in trouble with the law. 14. the brunette was interested in photography.

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