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  • Project A

    Project A


    We're having a "Jackie Chan Month" over on my podcast, come check it out -

  • Recruits



    A Canadian rip off of Police Academy (specifically 'Citizen's On Patrol') with more nudity that for the most part falls flat with when aiming for laughs due to lazy/unoriginal gags...but I enjoyed it for some reason, it's oddly likeable.

    It knows what it is, a blatant cash grab, and just does what it can. And to be honest there were a few gags that genuinely made me laugh, specifically the amusing deadpan follow up to a parody of the "six shots or only five" scene for Dirty Harry.

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  • Juno


    I sometimes forget that this was nominated for a couple of Oscars...Then i remember it won for best original screenplay and want to kill every living thing in the world. Twice.

    Never seen it? Just go where holier than thou hipster drones hangout and listen to them talk absolute bollocks for 2 hours, slam your head in a car door about 57 times, rub wasabi on your genitalia then pull out your own teeth with pliers and you will have had a similar, though less painful, experience to watching 'Juno'...

  • Kill Crazy

    Kill Crazy


    My favourite Heavener movie so far.

    "You want sympathy?'ll find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis!"