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  • Street Fighter
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
  • The Expendables

The Films Of Wafu FM/The Chris & Kriss Show

141 films

A list of everything we've covered on the show.

  • Police Story
  • Wheels on Meals
  • Project A
  • Dragons Forever
  • Armour of God

Ten Of The Best: Jackie Chan

10 films

Ten of my favourites from the filmography of Mr Jackson Of Chan.

Picking only ten was hard...

  • Kickboxer
  • Double Impact
  • Hard Target
  • Universal Soldier
  • JCVD

Ten Of The Best: Van Damme

10 films

Ten of my favourites from Jean Claudius Van Dammage

  • Juno
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Kidulthood
  • The Football Factory
  • Halloween

My Least Favourite Movies

6 films

Decided to go with "My Least Favourite Movies" instead of "Unholy Piles Of Celluloid Shite" to be more diplomatic...

  • Rambu
  • The Stabilizer
  • Samurai Cop
  • The Protector
  • No Retreat, No Surrender

Brilliantly Bad Action Movies

7 films

Some of my favourite unintentionally comedic cinematic action packed catastrophe's.