The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

"Keeping secrets, are ye?"

An overwhelming, utterly ferocious dive into the spiraling depths of madness where objective and subjective spar with thunderous effect. Robert Eggers explores the blistering confines of profound terror in The Lighthouse, a spirited sophomore endeavor steeped in an authenticity as uncompromising as the hallucinatory, psychosexual squalls engulfing the dark recesses of this tale of power, rapture, and guilt. Eggers' vision of grave delirium flourishes under his assured artistic aptitude and the monumental brilliance of Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson's monstrous, career-defining turns as two feral wickies imprisoned within the hierarchical shaft of a symbolic phallus and on the brink of total destruction.

Presented in glorious 1.19:1 and shot on B&W 35mm, The Lighthouse is a colossal cinematic experience, a complex achievement simultaneously impressive and oppressive. From the dizzying storytelling to the sumptuous filmmaking and unrivaled production and costume work, few other films are remotely akin to what Eggers and the crew manage to accomplish, especially when you factor in the unbridled maelstrom present between Dafoe and Pattinson as elation, deception, guilt, and flatulence collide throughout the ensuing mania. It's truly breathtaking to witness these artists essentially craft a time capsule expressive of intricacies both modern and unabashedly classical.

The lyrical specificity of Eggers' latest is only the surface of the prowess in play. The moment Mark Korven's cavernous score accompanies a pitch black that fades into foggy desolation, you can already feel the cold embrace of the elements capture you indefinitely, their grip tightening around your throat as the isolated post grows ever closer. The Lighthouse is a haunting and harrowing yarn that may be the filmmaker's finest achievement yet, though one can fruitlessly ponder what threshold of sanity The Northman will cross upon its debut. Until then, look upon the tour de force before us and see the enchanting annihilation in the light.

Mysterious, untamed, hypnotic, multifaceted, unshakable, and completely outstanding.

"You come to this rock, playing the tough. You make me laugh with your false grum. Ye pretended to some mystery in your quiet use, but there ain't no mystery. Yer an open book..."

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