Annette ★★★★

DCP at Lincoln Center (Howard Gilman Theater)

“That was remarkably bad,” says the person behind me as the credits rolled… I guess that sort of reaction is to be expected when an older non-American art-house director like Carax makes their English-language debut. The irony of it is that same person was laughing like crazy at certain parts (no spoilers), but so was I! Why can’t people grasp that if you’re having that strong of a reaction, maybe the movie is good? And I can’t imagine such incredulity if you’re familiar with Carax’s work beforehand. The woes of expanding your audience.

Total upward trajectory with this film. The final scene is one of my favorites from Carax. The only disappointment is that it doesn’t all seem to completely congeal. Sometimes it feels like Carax, sometimes it’s the Sparks; not often a synthesis. I love the collection of loose parts though. Just doesn’t have the effortless swell of a Lovers on the Bridge.

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