Satantango ★★★★★

DCP at Lincoln Center (NY premiere of Arbelos’ new 4K restoration; Howard Gilman Theater)

My third annual viewing.

Lots of real-world stuff distracting me from the film (including an old woman yelling out in pain and a firefly let loose in the theater, plus my internal preoccupations), but it’s Satantango. Come on.

“I like it because it’s slow.”
- Béla Tarr

Hello from the future. 2020 Raymond here (wow this year is terrible). I realized that I actually missed 2018’s Satantango watch, so I guess I already messed up the whole “annual viewing” thing 😔. I guess I gotta start over.

2021 Raymond here. I’m watching this every other year now.

2021 Raymond here again. I have successfully watched Satantango once again and operation Every-Other-Year is a go.

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