Tenet ★★★★★

“We’re the people saving the world from what might have been”

Almost two years to when I saw this for the first time, I don’t think there’s a film this decade that’s jumped higher in my estimation than this. When I saw it back in 2020, I think I was more excited just for the act of seeing a movie in a theater, something which I had not been able to do in the five months before that, than actually seeing the movie. I came out disliking it, and it’s easy to see why. I put so much effort into understanding the movie that I wasn’t able to enjoy it. The dialogue between The Protagonist and the scientist he meets in one of the early scenes is key. To devote yourself to understanding Tenet is antithetical to what you’re supposed to get the movie, feeling it allows it to get its intended effect. Feel it and what do you get? Maybe the single greatest film released in the 2020s thus far.

Nolan’s sheer mastery of the craft has never been on display more than here. His directing is perfect, with the action sequences especially being incredibly thrilling. His use of the full frame imax is better than basically any other director using the format. This is compounded by Nolan’s stellar collaborators, most of which working with him for the first time. Hoyte Van Hoytema, a Nolan regular, knows how to make a truly stunning image and is one of the best cinematographers working today. Ludwig Göransson creates a pulsating, vibrant score that might just be the best score in a Nolan movie, and Jennifer Lame gives the movie a fantastic rhythm in the editing room. These four combined are basically a cinematic dream team, and it’s incredibly exciting to hear that they’re all back for Oppenheimer.

Truly a masterpiece that will only get better and more acclaimed with time.

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