John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick: Chapter 2 ★★★★

Actual martial artist Keanu Reeves returns as gun-fu master John Wick. With his gun firmly held and a 45 degree angle and precision reloading of a heart surgeon he's back and deadlier than ever.

John Wick is forced back into the game by a nitwit who has Wick under a blood oath. This nitwit has Wick kill his sister, because Wick is the best there is, a truly unstoppable force. But then he goes and double crosses him because he doesn't believe that the bogeyman is all that scary. Like what the actual fuck. I'm not saying this guy is autistic or anything, but he has to be somewhere on the spectrum. So John Wick does the obvious and goes for this dumbass' head. Along the way he racks up a staggering body count that'll give the Holocaust a run for it's shekels. I'm serious, a good portion of budget seems to be spend on extras going limp after receiving a healthy dose of lead to the noggin.

As always with a sequel to a successful action film the set pieces are bigger. Bigger doesn't always mean better, but it sure does pay the bills when you want to show 57 different ways to kill a man. You've got your handguns, shotguns, knives, car doors and pencils mowing down people and a steady camera to capture all the desensitized blood splattered violence. Most of all I'm glad that this unlike most American made action films isn't edited by a limp dick asshole. I'm so sick and tired of editors cutting on the motion of the impact, you never get to see the hits properly. Therefore I want to say a big thank you to editor Evan Schiff for making the fake punches seem less like fake punches.

It's not only the action that's received a penis enlargement, but the entire scope of the film has added a few more inches. Real honest to goodness world building. Marvel and whatever studio looking to make a quick buck off interconnected film franchises take note. World building works most effectively when it's weaved in as an essential part of the story and the characters our protagonist and by extension the audience interacts with. Please don't break away for the main plot to feed some teaser for future films when you haven't even been able to create and interesting main storyline.

The world of the hitman is bigger than we've thought. After what is a considerably simple but emotionally impactful revenge film we're flung into the full depth of the underworld. They don't just have their own special hotel and currency, but a whole load of stores ranging from tailors that make bespoke bulletproof suits to the not so humble artillery quick-stop. There's also an intricate international crime syndicate and representative council overseeing all that is bad in this dark world. The most important new development is that anyone can be and probably is a hitman. When I say anyone I really mean anyone. Even the homeless have assassin licences. So think twice before passing by a scruffy man asking for change, that few cents burning a hole in your pocket may save you from a bullet burning a hole in your brain.

The film has puts the franchise in good stead for the sequel. I'm hyped for the inevitable third and possibly final chapter of the saga. Mr. Wick I'll be seeing you.

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