Lethal Weapon ★★★★½

"I'm too old for this shit!"

But this shit never gets old!

Technically I have seen this before but it was years ago and too be honest, I didn't get it at all. I thought it was pretty lame. Well, I'm not counting that viewing because watching it years later, this film is nearly perfect.

I absolutely loved Lethal Weapon! I'm not usually into buddy cop movies but when they're done right (The Other Guys, Bad Boys ll, 21 Jump Street) they can sure be a lot of fun and this is no exception.

Everything about this movie works for being entertaining but I'm gonna get serious with Lethal Weapon for a second. When you look past the surface of it being an insanely fun action comedy (which it is) it also tackles a lot of serious issues, mainly depression, PTSD, and suicide.

Mel Gibson's Martin Riggs is such a layered character and my favorite by far. He has such a dark past and a death wish that he can't control but Mel Gibson hits it home so well. He's honestly Oscar worthy in a number of scenes, especially the one where he's in his trailer alone crying. That really hit me.

Back to this film being really fun and enjoyable, the aspect that separates this from any other buddy cop series is the dynamic duo that is Detective's Riggs and Murtaugh. These two have such incredible chemistry and it elevates the film to a whole other level.

Overall, Lethal Weapon is such a fantastic film. The only reason this isn't at five stars is because the fight at the end between Gibson and Gary Busey in the rain, while it's entertaining, feels pretty unrealistic and wouldn't have been allowed to happen in real life. Regardless though, this film is relentlessly entertaining. Definitely check out Lethal Weapon if you haven't!