Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★½

“It's easy to fool people when they're already fooling themselves.”

Tom Holland might just be the best live action depiction of the webhead from the comics.

So this review is going to be a bit different. I’m going to discuss a realization that hit me a few days ago that really impacted the way I watch comic book movies. As for the film, obviously from my rating you can tell I loved it. It’s such a great experience that I’d definitely recommend you check out in theaters. Anyways, back to my . . . epiphany, if you will.

Ever since Captain America: Civil War, I’ve had an interesting relationship with the MCU. You see, I fall under a rare demographic of people who love the darker, more serious comic book movies. Now obviously that doesn’t work with every character but with characters like Batman or Captain America, it does. I’m also strangely enough a fan of the “dark, brooding” DCEU. Now hold on, wait. I’m not saying I love the movies . . . no, no, no. I’m saying I love the tone. I just dig it. 

Anyways, relating back to Captain America: Civil War, I feel there was definitely a change in tone for the MCU. Up until that point, while there was always humor present, the tone definitely felt more serious and more dramatic. Since I’ve always loved that tone, Captain America: Civil War was the first MCU film that I walked out of not really loving all that much which is surprisingly because it’s now one of my all time favorites. At that point in time, Marvel found what worked and ran with it; comedy. 

Then began my strange relationship with the MCU. From then on, I found myself loving most of the films upon rewatch but feeling disappointed to say the least with my first viewing experiences. I now realize this occurred because I still kept hoping for something when I went to these films. I clinged, held on to that hope that maybe Marvel would go back to a more serious tone. And that was my problem. Well, one of them. I was living in the past.

The other major issue I had was that I hadn’t really read many of the comics aside from Spider-Man as a kid, and that was a while ago. The other day, I was in a Barnes and Noble and they were running a sale on comics so I picked up some old issues of different Spider-Man and Captain America comics and came to my big “realization”. All these MCU films of the last few years have all been extremely accurate to the comics in terms of tone because let me tell you, after re-reading those comics, there’s a ton of corn and there’s a ton a cheese. And I loved it.

Revisiting those comics reminded me why I love these movies and characters so much. They’re just a bunch of fun! I guess this isn’t really big news for everyone else because I’m almost a decade behind in terms of watching and enjoying comic book movies but this last week was a big one for me. After rewatching Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, I’ve reawakened my love of comic book movies and I can’t wait for Phase 4 of the incredible universe that is the MCU. That, and Spidey’s always been my favorite superhero so yeah. Let me know if you related to this at all.

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