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  • The Father

    The Father


    I wish there were two awards for best actor this year. Boseman and Hopkins are both so great. The Father is the best film I have ever seen dealing with Alzheimer's, it isn't even close. By sending the viewer through the point of view of Hopkins we are able to get a sense of confusion and helplessness. Coleman is great, as usual, but Hopkins is on another level here, probably the best he has ever been, and I swore I…

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  • 61*



    For an HBO film, this film is great. It would have been nice to see some bigger names here, but that shouldn't take away from the product that was produced. The screenwriting is great, truly showing what Maris went through emotionally. They do a good job of showing the craziness of people. Whether they are fans, owners, media, or teammates. The creation of the old Yankee Stadium looks fantastic, especially for 2001. 61* is a very well done film with…

  • 42



    I miss Boseman. He fully becomes Robinson, just as he did for every character he played. Ford is wonderful, it is just nice to see him in modern films. The supporting cast is great also. This is shot well, the old parks, the fans, and the baseball scenes are believable. Shout out to the costume design, the players jerseys, and even the people in the stands are dressed incredibly well. 42 is a pretty great film, it is done well, and is and underrated baseball movie.

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  • Howards End

    Howards End


    Howards End is a long, slow film that lacks any real tension or drama. Although that may be the case, it sure is nice to look at. The set designs and locations are wonderful. I love Hopkins and Thompson so spending time with them is worth the time. The story of class is done well, however it didn't need 2 and half hours to make its point.

  • One Hour Photo

    One Hour Photo


    Robin Williams is great as a lonely sociopath. A great look into loneliness and obsession. The beginning of this film is slow, however once it starts to unravel it takes a turn. The story probably could have been set-up a little better, however the performance by Williams and the ending make up for most of the flaws of this film.