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"Now die a fucking virgin"

This movie was so fucking good. It was thrilling, it was gory, it was brutal, Ghostface was amazing, it was everything you could wish for a Scream movie.

In my opinion this is definitely the best Scream movie since the original, I just love how brutal  it is, some of the kills in this were insane. 
I'm happy with the use of the legacy characters, Kirby is a badass and I loved her little interaction with Mindy about Horror movies.

This movie is also very predictable, in my review for Scream 2 last week I exactly predicted that the killers would be relatives to Richie.

The new cast has 100% grown on me since I first saw Scream 5. Sam is a very interesting character, and the sister dynamic between her and Tara in this movie is very good. 
For Scream 7, I really feel like it would be fine without the legacy characters.

One small problem I have with this movie is how the fuck did Chad survive, I'm happy that the 'Core Four' survived, but it just feels weird that someone could survive that many stabbings. 


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