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  • The Terminator
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Heat

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  • Call Me by Your Name

  • The Black Phone

  • Cha Cha Real Smooth

  • American Gigolo

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  • Three Headed Beast

    Three Headed Beast

    I scored this. Fernando and Tyler, two Austin-based filmmakers, discovered me through Letterboxd a little less than four years ago. The original bandcamp link on here back then had my score work for many very small GR-based student films from 2016 on. Fernando liked a dumbass review I wrote of Koyaanisqatsi, clicked on my link by chance, then asked to connect via Instagram. 

    In 2018 and 2019 I was privileged to work on just two of their few short films: Igloo,…

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra

    Maybe the saddest movie set in space? A true masterpiece about loneliness.

    The son suffers the sins of the father.