Casino ★★★★½

Hey all you Netflix users, you've got until September 1st to watch this before it's removed from their catalog. You're welcome.

Some people rag on Casino for being a ripoff of Scorsese's widely lauded 1990 classic, Goodfellas. And yes, the similarities are pretty clear. Both are brilliant 90s gangster films exploring similar themes, stories & characters, Both have the inimitable style and suave we've all come to expect from Martin Scorsese. Same screenwriters, very similar cast - Joe Pesci typecast as pretty much the same murdering looney - you get the idea.

But I'm gonna go out on a limb with a spicy hot-take that Casino is better than Goodfellas, and my reasoning is simple enough: the performances. Given, performances are a strong point in Goodfellas; Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci are phenomenal. But, I don’t think anyone in Goodfellas touches De Niro and Sharon Stone in Casino (not to mention Pesci is still very good). I also think that Casino has a more succinct and defined storyline, whereas Goodfellas is pretty much a bunch of gangsters hangin out, shootin the shit and doing crazy stuff. Don’t get me wrong, still hilariously entertaining, I just prefer the former.

Anyways, it doesn’t really matter which one is better; they’re both fantastic films by a world-class storyteller. Maybe Casino is better from a pure entertainment standpoint while Goodfellas is a more charming technical marvel. Who cares?

Either way, go watch it on Netflix before it’s gone, especially if you haven’t seen it.

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