Spiderhead ★★

Spiderhead bites off more than it can chew. The futuristic Ex Machina vibes were present but the plot sorely lacked anything of substance and squandered some decent acting talent.

My largest gripe with this film is that they explain one thing, which then takes about 10 minutes for it to be shown. This in turn meant that scenes just lingered for way longer than necessary and the plot often felt like it paused in certain moments.

The concept was cool, but there just wasn't enough in the actual storyline to make it somewhat enjoyable. They film does ask a lot of moral questions and amongst that there is quite a few instances of these questions being left unresolved. Just the big bad pharmaceutical vibes ever present in this one too.

The ending especially was a bit lame, typically the bad guy self inflicting his path to his own demise was very cliche and just a bit comically odd for the film. I just found that the film tried really hard to stretch the very thin plot for over two hours.

In all, Spiderhead is the typical originam Netflix action film that seems to be very frequently produced these days.

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