Dark Waters ★★★½

The Rocky Hooper Picture Show (Hooptober 6.0)
1 film where the men and women of the church are having a bad day.

A woman visits a convent on an isolated, creepy island full of freaky, occasionally murderous nuns. Bad things happen.

An inescapable tone, with powerful Lovecraftian elements. Everything looks authentic, because most of it is. They found truly unbelievable ancient locations in Ukraine shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and they do a great job lighting them.

The cast does great work with an ambiguous, somewhat confusing script. At one point I thought I’d fallen asleep, but really they just don’t explain very much. That’s fine, I love when things are vague in my scary movies, but it made this one feel like a good joke without a punchline.

Parts of this film worked extraordinarily well for me, while others fell flat. It’s rare for me to feel so torn, and I’m not sure if I should recommend this one. If you’re really into horror movies with nuns, add this one to your list. And if you’re into cosmic horror, it’s definitely worth a look.

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