Midsommar ★★★★½

I held off watching Midsommar for a while basically because I’d read a few reviews that put me off at the time. But I finally with a friend decided to give it a watch and I can honestly say it was one of the weirdest,gory yet interesting films that I’ve watched to date. 

First off; the cinematography in this film was beautiful and it was a visually stunning film. Lots of really cool shots and where it was filmed provided the cinematographers with a plethora of opportunities to make this film look amazing. The sets played a vital part of this film and it didn’t disappoint! The only downside to this was the ridiculously slow shots at times as after the first couple it starts to get annoying. 

The story was good,in that our main character Dani (played by the amazing Florence Pugh) has a really tragic event happen to her which causes her boyfriend (in which they have a toxic relationship) to reluctantly invite her out to Sweden on a trip he planned with his friends as he thinks its a great way to help her get away from what has happened to her. To cut a long story short they go to Sweden and all is not as it seems as the festival they thought they were at quickly became a nightmare. 

The cast of this film were great! Especially Florence Pugh. This is the first film (to my knowledge) that I’ve seen her in and she’s gave a great performance as Dani. Will Poulter played the role of Mark and he offered the comedic relief of which I found hilarious at times. Jack Reynor played Christian Dani’s boyfriend and the guy from the Good place who plays Chidi plays Josh. Each give convincing performances and I was satisfied. 

The score for this movie created such suspense as any good horror movie score should so that was a good pointer to add. There were some really creepy scenes and I got really creeped out by two or three in particular which accompanied by the score made it much creepier. It also really made me wonder what goes on in Ari Asters mind. 

Overall Midsommar was a good watch and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be on the creepy scale! I would recommend it for anyone who has thought about watching or is a horror fan. Looking forward to watching Hereditary soon.

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