Favorites are just the current mood I'm feeling more than any definitive top 4.

Favorite films

  • Waltz War
  • My Sister Eileen
  • Have Sword, Will Travel
  • Like Someone in Love

Recent activity

  • Love in a Fallen City

  • Wheels on Meals

  • The Boxer's Omen

  • Duel to the Death

Recent reviews

  • The Housemaid

    The Housemaid

    This is a really interesting experience, it plays on a lot of common melodrama tropes, but it takes them in a very different direction from the way a lot of other films do.

    I can't say I was completely onboard with the whole film, because at a certain point the events just lose any ties to any kind of real emotional bearing, and the film just kind of starts escalating for the sake of it. This can be interesting at…

  • Dune


    Watched the 3rd Stage Fan Edit, which puts in the scenes from the extended edition without all the other weird changes they made.

    Love the more detailed opening and setup and just the overall vibe of this whole film. Never read the book, so don't really have anything to compare, but would definitely think this could improve even with an extra few hours of detail. Still one of my favorite movies and so glad that we are blessed with its existence.

Popular reviews

  • Lili


    I guess some will be put off by how naive Leslie Caron's character is here, but the film never shirks from the obstacles she faces, and she's always her own person, just still full of wonder and high ideals for the world. Really delightful to watch her slow growth and development, I could've watched hours more of this story. One of the most special films I've seen recently.

  • Du côté d'Orouët

    Du côté d'Orouët

    Jacques Rozier is an important but now often forgotten director of the French New Wave. Godard helped him find financing to complete his first feature film, which was then used as the cover for the special Cahiers du Cinema issue on the New Wave. It took 8 years for him to make another feature film, but this one is even more accomplished than his first effort, and deserves to be remembered among other late masterpieces from new wave directors.