Suspiria ★★★★★

Seen this countless times. It still gets a reaction out of me like it’s the first time I’m watching it. I love this film so much. I constantly go back and forth between this and Argento’s original. Both are so fantastic, and utterly different. This is the only way to do a remake. It’s bold. Different. It’s hypnotic, the focus on dance and movement in this is wonderful. The film jumps back and forth between being beautiful and horrific like a flip of a switch. Guadagnino crafts one of the most disturbing final acts I’ve ever seen. Everything leading up to the quite explosive finale is just as fantastic. Everyone in the cast is great, but it’s Dakota Johnson that really steals the show. She has quite proven her talent after the 50 shades franchise. Her performance, as well as Suzzie, her character, are outstanding. Thom Yorke’s musical score is a character of itself. The film wouldn’t quite be what it is without his touch. I’ll stop here. I could talk for days about all the nuances and details this film holds.

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