Carol ★★★★½


Been hyped to watch this one for awhile thanks to a lot of Letterboxd community and I got to say, it didn't disappoint, this is a fantastic film for the most part. Superb acting from the two leading actresses, beautiful cinematography, great music, a real authentic feel to the 1950's with a pretty much perfect atmosphere, etc. It has a very intriguing story about two lonely people( that's all I'll say to not spoil). Imo though, it's not perfect( sorry Brendan).

The middle act slows to a halt at points and it's very noticeable. Some of the acting from the supporting cast isn't that great( mainly from that Richard guy, he was awful tbh). And this is a personal one( which is why I won't dock a point for it), but I wasn't big on Carol's final decision. The ending itself is great, but if I had written the movie, I would have written in a darker and colder ending( probably just me though).

Anyway, Carol is very much worth seeing and is one of the best films to come out in the last few years. Sorry for rambling, but it's really late and I'm tired. Thanks for reading.

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