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  • Wild Indian

    Wild Indian

    Controlled, remarkably assured long lens mise cramping what’s inside the frame, the better to load it with tension the film seems to think, but the variation of frame sizes matters to me. If your shots are primarily observational, or hardly graphic beyond left and right, you should think hard about when and how often to punch in—because not everything needs details, especially if we can hear these details, say. Some notes are soft, even heavy metal has breathers, even the…

  • She Came to Me

    She Came to Me

    Keep on the sunny side of life. What a wonderful movie, with a script both outlandishly contrived and geometrically divine. That is, I’m buying into its world and concerns—because I remember what it’s like to fall in love and because it feels like a movie that could have been made in 1923 as easily as 2023, though the camera (Sam Levy!) is quite adroit in a modern way and placed rather perfectly in every scene, tucked into the tug or presenting the opera.

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  • West Side Story

    West Side Story

    Exuberant Panavision filmmaking, outrageous tableaux of angles all moving, a perfect blend of artifice and ontology. Somehow Elgort’s body saves his performance, even if his face doesn’t live up to its possibilities the way Mike Faist is the whole package. Rachel Zegler may get there with a meatier, less symbolic, more specific role but "I Feel Pretty" is a perfect mise of dramaturgy. You think Tony Kushner has some ideas about who’s an American? “You forGET we’re in à-MER-i-ca.” Steve’s…

  • Oppenheimer


    Sometimes it’s crazy to think, if you’re white and like suits, you can direct a black and white turd with British accents and that’s enough to start a legendary Ho’wood run of hits. The focus on this huge image was punctuated not marred by a large number of soft focus close ups, to the point that it becomes a feature of the portrait, this surreal or highly styled "history" distorted, inches from faces to underline the apparatus, RDJ's glasses in…