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  • On the Silver Globe
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  • Playing 'In the Company of Men'

    Playing 'In the Company of Men'

    Deploying form and shape and rhythm as much as the words contained therein, the ideas expressed in drama, in context pauses, this chorus of these actors against themselves, layering texts and feelings, understanding these words as characters do. Then Arnaud gets fancy with the red sauce and you remember: anything can happen in a movie. And you say out loud, a catch-phrase maybe: "Now that's a movie."

  • Valparaiso


    “All the houses are triangular, and impossible to furnish.” Love a taxonomic blast from the b&w past. Love a Chris Marker text.

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  • West Side Story

    West Side Story

    Exuberant Panavision filmmaking, outrageous tableaux of angles all moving, a perfect blend of artifice and ontology. Somehow Elgort’s body saves his performance, even if his face doesn’t live up to its possibilities the way Mike Faist is the whole package. Rachel Zegler may get there with a meatier, less symbolic, more specific role but "I Feel Pretty" is a perfect mise of dramaturgy. You think Tony Kushner has some ideas about who’s an American? “You forGET we’re in A-MER-i-ca.” Steve’s…

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car

    The Murakami winking is still there in certain monologs, tant pis, but Hamaguchi is very good at what he does: underplaying everything, editing as punctuation, characters smiling and actors believing it, performance/s as inherently multivalent, literally Chekov. Language as vessel for text, concept, rhythm, timing, understood across vocabularies and bodies. Weird flex but ok. Strange too to drop the “losing vision” thread dramaturgically, even if it sticks in your brain as another loss endured, lived with inside only—inside the text…