Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★

First of all, Scream 2 does a terrible job catching audiences up with who everyone is from the first film. I love the original, but hadn't seen it in 2 years and forgot about everyone in it. Very little help from the script on getting me up to speed. Otherwise, this is another fun slasher-comedy that again emphasizes just how ahead of the times Wes Craven was with the self-aware style that epitomizes mainstream filmmaking these days.

The actual slasher sequences are well-shot and the cast still has good chemistry. It's quite a funny film, but doesn't lack in tension when necessary. Unfortunately, some of the comedy does feel recycled and when the film tries to add actual character development -- usually in the form of romance subplots -- it falls flat. Still worth a watch, especially for fans of the original, but it certainly doesn't come close to that level of quality.