The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★½

Alright, I’ve waited long enough to review one of my absolute favorite films from last year. The Worst Person in the World astonished me upon my first viewing, its harshly realistic depiction of the path we attempt to forge for our life, both personal and romantic, forces a powerful self reflection, how the passions we follow are not always permanent and may not always reflect the ones we’ve idealized in the past. Like us, our protagonist is a flawed, ever-changing person. Her mistakes are portrayed, not with justification, but understanding. Deconstructing the stories we tell within each other’s lives as well as the expectations we set for ourselves as we continually feel lost in life, and the harshness in which we treat oneself for our actions or failures in meeting those expectations. Our self-sabotage in the quest to find oneself (and equally, feel found) connected with me deeply, it’s what makes us The Worst Person in the World.

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