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This review may contain spoilers.

will just splatter my thoughts abt this

first of all, i just really hecking enjoyed it. it was so engaging yet jarring at the same time. it invites u in to become part of something so attractive yet never makes u want to put 2 feet through the door. everytime someone says “you” while facing dani, my heart stops for a second because of the world created around her. a world where she experiences so much pain and is bound to be meant for something more complex to follow. 

the little details were brilliant both for the watchers mind and their sense of humor. the way the score slowly swam from firetruck siren - to violin - to dani’s crying. also, its just really hard to not like a film with so much interesting details found in costumes, sets, blocking, and characterization. id love how each “segment” of the film is signaled by a new chant, turning the film into a continuous opera of some sort. 

i also noticed how ari aster really is starting to put in some signature moves hahahaha burning people, warmly and mildly lit spaces, flies on some sort of flesh, and a main character who starts of clueless yet slowly is revealed to become some sort of “chosen one”. it is somehow very comparable to hereditary (not saying this negatively) in which u are put in a very uncomfortable and disturbing carnival ride led by curiosity because of how clueless you are - then slowly leads u into the bomb of a demonic-cultic revelation where the whole landscape of the character’s world changes. but, when that revalation is given to u, aster allows it to flare bright, then slowly wither into comfort, to be followed by the credits.

overall, it really deserves a 5 for me because of how invested i was in wanting dani to be safe, while also actually wanting halsingland to be a good place. even if it was bound to be a wicked place from the start, there was a part of me that wanted halsingland to become a typical beautiful paradise for dani to be healed in. however, healing will never be as beautiful as plain old flowers and wood cabins. dani was brought to halsingland by fate, and as halsingland seems like the most embellished place ever, it is truly what healing is all about - a disturbing yet uninevitable cycle.

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