Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★

Here's the thing with Holy Motors, it's a strange movie that I believe is not for everyone but if you love cinema you should definitely give this one a try. It's Leos Carax's latest film and was his first film in about 13 years if you count out shorts and a segment in an anthology film. This film proves that he hasn't lost any of his charm and this is my favourite movie of his so far. Holy Motors is the type of film that deserves multiple watches, lots of things you will miss on a first viewing and you will not fully understand the film on your first viewing. The film however isn't hard to watch. If you don't understand anything in the film I think you might still enjoy it a little. The film is made up of different characters and their all very different from one another and their stories are very interesting which makes me think that if you don't understand the full plot you'll still enjoy the characters stories.

Denis Lavant is Monsieur Oscar. We first see him walking from his lovely mansion waving goodbye to his children and wife into a white limousine. When we get into the limousine we find that it's a dressing room. Monsieur Oscar then gets his appointments and we don't exactly know what he does for a living. We then see that his job is to dress up as different characters and act out certain scenarios until he returns to his limo.

The film was a little difficult to fully understand but I was entertained throughout the whole thing. Right from the start I was interested in every character and I was intrigued in what was about to happen. I have got a theory on what the movie is about but it's not one of these hidden meaning theorys. At the start of the movie, the first scene includes people watching a movie at a cinema and they look bored. At this scene we meet Monsieur Oscar and follow him for the rest of the film. I think it's about how movies started to bore people so they stopped them and now Monsieur Oscar has to work as an actor and act out scenarios for everybody to enjoy. The film does open up for a lot of theorys. You can interpret what the film is for yourself. Denis Lavant is extraordinary as Monsieur Oscar. He doesn't only have to play Oscar, he has to play like 12 different characters and he's amazing at every single one of them. He's so good. Kylie Minogue also turns up and she was good and her musical number was fine by me, I actually really enjoyed the song. Eva Mendes also shows up earlier in the film and she doesn't actually do much besides stand around and pose but she's the character of The Model so it kind of makes sense. Everyone in the film is great but I just can't get over how brilliant Denis Lavant is. The film is beautifully shot and it's wonderful to look at. Their are nine different 'Appointments' for Oscar and I enjoyed some more than others but they were all interesting and a showcase of acting, directing and writing. The film even has an accordion entr'acte which was awesome. Holy Motors was a surprise in every sense of the word, I didn't know where the film was going or what it was about but I did enjoy it. I might understand it better in a rewatch.

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