The Fly

The Fly ★★★★½

Hoop-Tober 2 - Film #29

Here's the thing with The Fly (1986), it's disgusting, depressing and scary. I loved it. I've seen The Fly (the original) and I enjoyed it, I thought it was a very interesting film and was fun to watch. This one however is very different. I liked this one more but that's just in my opinion. I don't think this will appeal to everyone, it's full of gross-out moments and body horror that could make someone sick but with the acting being quite superb and the directing being brilliant it just managed to win me over. Speaking of David Cronenberg, who would've thought that he could've made a film about a man turning into a giant fly quite touching and sad. Yep, in true Cronenberg fashion the ending of this film is depressing but amazing. I felt many emotions throughout the film and that included feeling sad and disturbed but I also laughed a lot during this film. The humour in this is hilarious. I burst out laughing at times and it was because of the great comedic timing from Goldblum and the rest of the cast.

Seth Brundle is a scientist. He meets up with a journalist by the name of Veronica and asks her if she would like to see his invention. He shows her what he's made and she's very impressed. It's a teleportation machine and he's not far away from perfecting it. She decides to write about him and document this amazing invention. He finally gets it to perfection when he's tests a Baboon and it survives. He tests it on himself and he comes out in one piece. He believes that it worked but what he doesn't know is that a housefly got into the machine and he's been spliced with it.

Jeff Goldblum is surprisingly brilliant in this. I don't think he's a bad actor, he's actually really good but I did not expect him to be this good. The emotions that he goes through even under all that make-up is easy to find. It's quite sad to see him like what he is near the end. He's a nice guy and a very likeable one at that. Geena Davis is also very good in this, just as good as Goldblum actually. She's plays a very likeable character as well but where she shines is in times of sadness where you feel what she's feeling but can't believe it. Their relationship is what makes this film brilliant. If they weren't good then the film wouldn't be brilliant and depressing. The story is a bit different from the original. It's still about a man turning into a fly but there's the whole relationship sub-plot and many other little things that have been added. David Cronenberg directs and it's just great. His techniques and all his little things that make him loved by many are here. Body-horror, a character that you shouldn't sympathise with but you do and of course an ending that could make people get teary. The practical effects are outstanding even today. Goldblum's transformation is still brilliant. The Fly is a brilliant horror that is still a technical achievement. It's able to scare and disgust which is what you'd want from a Cronenberg Fly film. That nightmare sequence really unsettled me.

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