The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

Here's the thing with The Nice Guys, it's Shane Black's return to amazing form. Iron Man 3 (both written and directed by Black) received very mixed reviews and honestly didn't feel like it was made by him, this lead me to believing that he might've lost his touch. I adore the Lethal Weapon franchise and I even really enjoyed The Last Boy Scout so I was hoping that this wasn't the case. The Nice Guys proved to me that he's still got it. I found this hilarious, intense and very unpredictable. Thanks to the incredible performances from so many actors the film never got boring and always had me invested. I went out of my way to make sure that I saw this film before it left the cinema, and unfortunately I think it'll leave fairly soon. In the U.K. this only came out last Friday and I can see it going by next week. It truly is a pity because The Nice Guys is so much better than most films released right now and nobody is going to see it. There was 5 people (including me) in the screening.

Holland March is a private investigator who got the job of tracking down a missing girl. Jackson Healy is an enforcer for hire that's after March. After a not so friendly introduction, the two of them team up to get to the bottom of this seemingly easy mystery only to find that's there's a whole lot more going on.

Russell Crowe was perfect in this film. I found him to be absolutely hilarious thanks to his characteristics and performance. He's a very caring and understanding person that gets paid to teach people lessons the hard way. He stole the show a lot of the time for me. He also does a great job in creating and holding tension which I found to be excellent. Ryan Gosling was also brilliant in The Nice Guys. He's the more over-the-top and jokey character. He delivers exactly what the film wanted. His comedic timing was always on point and his lines were delivered so fluently. The chemistry between the two of them is absolutely incredible. They play of each other very well and they are believable. Together they elevate the film and make it as good as it is and that's the point of the film. It's a buddy-cop film (but actually a buddy-detective film) and that's what makes for memorable movies in that sub-genre. Angourie Rice deserves special mention as she manages to shine in scenes among Crowe and Gosling, which can't be an easy job to do. She plays Gosling's daughter and she does a fantastic job. She becomes part of the team so well and is an essential part of the movie. She progresses the story in a way in which it felt like a great way to do it. She didn't feel forced at all. Matt Bomer also gives a very enjoyable and suspenseful performance as a villain. He's awesome to watch.

The story is familiar, I won't lie, but I found it so enjoyable and fun. I had a ton of fun watching The Nice Guys that I wasn't really bothered that many things I had seen before in some way, shape or form. It's not always like that though. The film does give some twists and turns that was totally unexpected. At times it's dark or shocking and it gave the film that extra layer that only made it more entertaining. The direction is fantastic. The attention to detail is perfectly handled. Unlike X-Men:Apocalypse (a recent film that's getting way more appeal than this), The Nice Guys use the time period as a character. This feels very 70s. The clothes, the set designs, the atmosphere is all the right amount of 70s that it doesn't get distracting nor is it wasted. The cinematography is also really, really good. There's some really well done action scenes and visual comedy is used to its best through the cinematography. The soundtrack is awesome and features some great 70s hits. The ending is a big set piece and has a lot of action, I thought it was awesome to watch and very, very fun as is the rest of the film. The Nice Guys is a film that I'll watch again and again. It's hilarious (but don't expect to hurt a rib), thrilling and overall very intriguing. Endlessly quotable and featuring perfect chemistry from Gosling and Crowe.

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