Scream ★★★★

August Scavenger Hunt Watch #11
choice explanation: another icon I've never seen 

- okay, going into this I already knew the twist of both billy and stu being the killers and honestly it felt pretty obvious that at the very least billy was guilty bc sheesh 
- skeet ulrich is pretty Hot in this, but I would also 100% believe he was a psychopath irl 
- ive only ever known matthew lillard as shaggy and I'm gonna love him forever for it
- the only characters I cared about were sidney and casey, maybe randy and tatum, everybody else could suck my dick
- i have to give this movie credit for everything it did for the horror genre and it's incredible metaness but bc it's been so long and I've grown up with everything else being influenced by this movie, it didn't hit me the way it probably would've had I been around when this came out 
- neve campbell is so pretty AND my mom drew barrymore in her iconic comeback shined with her adorable bob. I recently finished santa clarita diet and honest to god netflix is on thin ice with these cancellations

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