The Northman

The Northman

Need a while for this to sink in, really enjoyed The Northman and it’s possibly Robert Eggers best film. I’ve not seen The Lighthouse so take that with a grain of salt. A Shakespearean like tale, some compare this to Hamlet, even though Hamlet took inspiration from the story of Amleth. I think the film is visually stunning, love the cinematography especially at the scenes that take place at night and scenes with fire, it’s just great to look at. Love the foreshadowing and how cleverly it’s implemented. There’s this one scene I can’t get out of my head - No one is beyond a fart joke. There are also other scenes burned into my head. That don’t Involve farts ;)

I consider this to be a great modern day Historical Epic that has a great blend of brutal realistic elements and fantastical ones. That final battle and final scene - still thinking those…

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