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This review may contain spoilers.

The more I think about this film, the more I realize I can't say much about it that may make sense for someone else. It's an experience. The second time was far more than the first time, and knowing I will revisit a movie many times always tells me that that particular movie means a lot to me.

This time I liked the soundtrack, this time I wondered if this is not a political movie but a spiritual/religious one (with political overtones, and vice versa). This time I wondered about Daniel shooting inside his house, watching through one of those tools he used when he was out in the fields together and the fact that his son walked right in after that. This time I wondered what would have happened between the father and the son if the son did not have gone deaf. This time I wondered if he loved the little girl because his son loved her. And know I wonder what I will wonder about the next time I see this movie. There is so much there.