Suspiria ★★★★

Visually, I didn’t think it was ever gonna top the 1977 Suspiria. Even though it was a horror film, the use of technicolor in that particular version, brought an element of beauty and vibrance. This was missing from Guadagnino’s take on Agento’s original. Furthermore, the intro to this one wasn’t as punchy either.

Most other aspects of the Suspiria remake are stronger though. The disturb factor was off the scales out of control. There was definitely deranged stuff on display. Some very trippy camerawork also added an uncomfortable but satisfying touch.

Acting flowed more and wasn’t as wooden or odd as in the original. (Argento originally penned the script with the idea of casting children to play the ballet students. Later changed to adults but the script remained the same.) With that in mind, this was probably always gonna be the case with the dialogue and interactions between the women in the 77 outing.

Suspiria was a remake that I originally thought was unnecessary and had my reserves about. Upon viewing though, it did work and could operate as a standalone film too.

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