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  • Uncharted


    Uncharted 4 - Another Uncharted Game
    written by Richard Deni

    Simple combat, simple characters, and an adventure that brings nothing new. ‘Uncharted 4’ is the exact same game as every other entry in its franchise, with many opportunities at being something more. Despite trying to focus on a bond between two brothers, we spend most of our time in the shoes of only one of them and it’s the same guy we’ve spent three games prior with.

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  • Big Time

    Big Time

    Tom Waits And The Everchanging Genre
    written by Michael Cunningham

     An artist’s genre is usually one of the main things that defines them. It easily identifies what to expect when first diving in and can help people expand out based on genres they’re already a fan of. This is why one of my personal favorite artists, Tom Waits, amazes me. Over a nearly four decade career, Waits has acted as a musical chameleon of sorts; covering a large list of…

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  • My Spy

    My Spy

    written by Jacob Silverman

    In many ways, My Spy may just be Dave Bautista getting started. Similar to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and John Cena, he went from being a professional wrestler to having a successful acting career. I am not quite sold on Dave Bautista as an actor, but I do believe he has potential. Unfortunately, that potential is not utilised particularly well in this film. My Spy is similar to The Tooth Fairy (2010) and…

  • The Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life

    written by Estéban Rodriguez

    The Tree of Life, one of those rare movies that can be described in many ways. Some people can say that it is a family drama, some people can say that it is a story of evolution, but to me it is the first cinematic odyssey of the 21st century. What Terence Malick made with this movie was creating a film that I see in a league with very few…