Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping ★★★★½

"Ten seconds is an eternity... It's a third of the way to Mars.

Honestly, I had super low expectations for this. I remember seeing the trailer back in 2016 and wrote it off as some Bucky Larson shit. A couple of my friends seemed to like it, but they suggested I watch That's My Boy so I didn't believe them. But then I started hearing more buzz for the film over the next five years. An uber driver in Florida was raving about it when he picked me and my girlfriend up from Disney or somewhere... in 2019. I had finally caved to That's My Boy so I thought, what the heck. Let's do this shit... and it was actually fucking hysterical. I really enjoyed this movie.

It's a great parody of the mid- to late 2010s music industry. Fans of This is Spinal Tap, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story or Andy Samberg's HBO mockumentaries will feel right at home watching this. Same with fans of The Lonely Island in general. Actually, while it isn't about The Lonely Island, it is everything you'd want in a film "about" them with some hilarious cameos.

Originally I had planned to write another tome of a review for this film (because it most certainly deserves it), however I feel that you just have to experience it. The film had me screeching with laughter from the get-go and I think if you're willing, it will do the same for you. Give it a shot.

Also the music in this simply slaps... just saying.

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