Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★½

So visceral. I can't explain, but I will certainly try to.

In the second act of this movie, we see Llewyn Davis hitchhike to a snow-covered Chicago, to what could possibly be Llewyn's last big chance to become someone after the loss of his partner and friend, Mitch, after he died by suicide.

While I love winter for the joy it brings me (mostly the holidays, and the end of the semester), Inside Llewyn Davis reminds me of that time where I also found myself surrounded by snow, ill-prepared, both in resources and in mental health.

Oscar's performance is so quiet, that you don't notice it affecting you until it does. He emotes nothing, he shows nothing, but yet, you understand his character's pain, his loss.

And here I am, at the other side of this movie, trying to not feel as if I didn't see a large part of my attitudes and emotions reflected back.

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