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  • Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé

    Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé

    Ok what I write will sound hyperbolic. And I know that Beyoncé already gets a lot of hype online but...

    ... she is the greatest performer alive right now. She deserves the acclaim. Other people who try to diminish her abilities or career are just saying so to be contrarian. And she works at it tirelessly. What other artist out there goes and does eight months of grueling rehearsals and detailed planning right after having twins?

    And Beyoncé knows that…

  • To Sleep with Anger

    To Sleep with Anger

    "Sometimes people do the right things for the wrong reason." Harry stirred up the familial pot and whether it was his intention or not he brought the family closer.

    I want to revisit this soon because there was so much to pay attention to with the dialogue, the symbolism, the subtext. Danny Glover was excellently creepy.

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  • High Life

    High Life

    Trying to watch this from a prison system parallel and I still feel mostly disappointed. I think Robert Pattinson was good but... I just think this was over my head.

    Also, Juliette Binoche's merkin was wack.

  • Shoplifters


    The movie is filled with quiet, tender moments that build a strong intimacy within this chosen family. That's what makes the final act so heartbreaking. The emotional restraint that the characters demonstrate even after big losses makes it even more of a tearjerker for me.