Captain Marvel ★★★★½

points i have to make: 
-brie larson and samuel l. jackson are a duo i never knew i needed. 
-i would 100% die for maria and her daughter. 
-goose might just be the cutest cat or is he? 
-the soundtrack and comedic timing were on POINT! 
-that end credit scene...... all i’m gonna say is that i’m SO ready for endgame!!!

but on a more serious note, this was honestly so great and my heart is still so full after watching it. the feeling of empowerment i felt throughout the entirety of this and to see a female be the forefront of a marvel film was such a wonderful experience—this was certainly a lot of fun and a testament that women can wear the mask too ♥️  the implications this will have on young girls (including myself) who can now see themselves as heroes and warriors means the absolute world.

also, brie larson was so badass and i would trust carol danvers with my LIFE! it is my duty to love her! 

“Higher, Further, Faster, Baby!”

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