Her ★★★★★

what a lovely film this was ❤️  this was certainly one of the most interesting and fascinating films i’ve ever seen. the simplistic nature of this put such an ease to my soul. emotions are such a powerful thing and this just shows that relationships can take many forms and i think that’s beautiful

the intimate conversations between theodore and samantha were extremely heartfelt and it made my heart warm. the cinematography was absolutely stunning and this was one of the most visually pleasing films i’ve ever seen. i can’t believe i’m only watching this now and i didn’t watch this sooner. i am so glad this lived up to my expectations. joaquin phoenix is such a great actor and i truly loved him in this. 

also, i loved theodore’s friendship with amy, it was so pure and wholesome. they deserve the world. 💌

“We are only here briefly, and in this moment I want to allow myself joy.”

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