Last Action Hero

Last Action Hero ★★★½

Scavenger Hunt #52 - July 2019 | Film #9
Task 25: A film from BSB's top 100 list
Fun. I think that summarises the whole thing. Never takes itself too seriously, and just plays with every action-trope. It doesn't really go over the top with it in my opinion. With that I mean quantity, because god damn it goes over the top with everything. A man flies out of a car, into an ice-cream car which then subsequently blows up, before Arnold flies his car 20 meters down off a bridge. Over the top ridiculousness, and I loved it. Watched it with my sister, a person who usually spends half a film on her phone, unless she really loves it (I have done something right after all), and after the opening in the real world, I thought I had lost her already. And then it explodes, along with everything else in this universe, and she loved it from that point on.

The biggest flaw in the film is that it reminded me of Arnold as Mr. Freeze. Oh goooooood, the puns.. I love 'em

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